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12 February 2009

Valentine Hugs

One day this week we made Valentine HUGS! I got the idea over at "No Time for flashcards"

11 February 2009

Planting Seeds

The middle of February is a wonderful time to get seeds planted for the spring. We just had a couple of days of nice weather and it almost feels like Spring is in the air! Today we had a magical moment with some dirt, egg cartons, and scoopers. And of course, seeds!

Last fall I walked around my yard and harvested seeds from off many of my plants. Cone flowers, Sunflowers, Hastas, Watermellons, Marigolds, Zinnias, Basil, Cilantro, Daisys and Cantelope to name a few. I opened Marigold flowers and Hosta pods to reveal the miracle of seeds hidden inside. Another wonderful way to explore nature!

09 February 2009


Today we learned about money. Tamarin and I had a lesson on how all the coins work (a quarter=.25 cents, two nickels=a dime, etc), then we played "STORE". He loved it!

Baboon sorted the coins, then made patterns with them.