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02 April 2009

Cut it up

This is no new idea, but we had a blast yesterday doing it. I brought together a whole bunch of our old National Geographic Kids magazines and a couple of pairs of scissors. We were focusing on the letter "E" so Tamarin (almost 5) looked for words that had the letter E at the beginning, middle, and end. He also found pictures with E. Little Baboon (3.5) cut out mostly pictures of E with some large printed E to accompany.
Later in the afternoon, we made colages with our findings.

You can do this activity with just about any theme, colors, math, science, spelling, or make your own book, tell your own story and add handwriting to the pictures you cut out. Using scissors helps develop great dexterity with little fingers and hand-eye coodination.
Post comments if you have done something like this. I love variations on the same theme!

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