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29 March 2009

Let it snow!

We didn't get much snow this winter so we decided one day to make some of our own! A friend of mine gave me a great tip to use tissue paper or coffee filters when making them. They are much easier for little hands to cut out. We happened to have some coffee filters in our 72 hour kits, so I pulled them out for a little fun!

Here's what you need first!

We had some fun with art while getting our snowflakes ready. On this day. we focused on DOTS!

Fold your circle in half.

Then fold it perfectly in thirds. (The edges need to meet the folds.)
Here it is all folded in thirds.

Fold it in half again.

Next we added some "shapes" to the edges. Another great way to sneak in some basic math!

My kiddos are still a bit young for cutting out the intricate shapes, so I did the cutting here, but here is our finished product!

Learn all about the man who first started photographing snowflakes here:

Some incredible pictures of snowflakes here: (and the science of them too!)

Some fun "how to's" here:

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  1. How fun! We just did snowflakes this week as well! I'll have to get some coffee filters and try again. Thanks for all the good links.